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Federal Pacific Panel Replacement - Is this Service Panel in Your Home?

If you have a Federal Pacific Stab Lok circuit breaker in your home, you could be sitting on top of a fire hazard just waiting to happen. WFTV Action 9 News reported that builders used the panel in thousands of Central Florida homes from 1960 into the early 1980's. Many engineers claimed when a circuit overloaded, the breakers frequently failed to trip and fueled a fire. The risk is so real that some insurance companies now refuse to cover homes that have the power box.

Panel Replacement

Action 9 News Link to Federal Pacific Stab Lok Circuit Breaker Panel Report

Panel Replacement

Aside from any safety hazards, homes built 20-30 plus years ago were not built to electrically withstand the amount of power we now rely on daily. In most homes, almost every room has a TV, multiple computers, DVD players, game consoles, kitchen electrics, gate and garage door openers, etc. – all of which require a substantial amount of power. Even if your panel is not a fire hazard, it may simply be too small for what you require in your home today.

In all of our panel replacements, we perform a panel schedule, clearly labeling each breaker to show what each one operates. The panel schedule gets brought back to the office, typed up and printed on weather proof sticker paper. Once printed and completed, we mail the panel schedule out to the homeowner so that all they need to do is adhere it to the inside of their panel.

We're not a company that's going to quote you something that you don't need. You can rely on Kushner Electrical Services to give you a free, fair and honest quote. If you have more questions on a panel replacement, give our office a call and we'll be happy to help you.